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Dr. Liao likes her patients to be informed consumers and encourage them to learn as much about the procedures listed on this page as possible, so they can make informed decisions. There is additional information about aging skin, skin rejuvenation and fat transplant available on this website by clicking on the links to the right.


~ Hair Loss ~
receding hairline to total baldness

~ Facial Changes ~
mottled pigmentation
brown spots (lentigo),
red, purple and blue bumps.
Dull rough skin.
Dry skin.
Leather like skin.
Shallow and deeper wrinkles.
Brown rough bumps,
skin color to dark moles.
Enlarged oil glands,
sweat ducts,
tumors (benign).
More in unwanted places.
Blood vessels:
Dilated blood vessels,
fine vessels, venous lakes.
From Sunlight:
Actinic Keratosis
Basal Cell Carcinoma
Squamous Cell
Fat Redistribution
Sunken eyes
Loose skin at jowls
Deeper nasolabial grooves
Sunken cheeks
Deeper temple grooves
Double chin







For most of the above conditions, there are different modalities of management with varying degrees of success.
The patient’s tolerance level for pain and the ability to afford them will determine what will be chosen.
It is best that if you want therapy you should make an appointment to have an assessment and discuss the different approaches.
The following are management information for some of the more common conditions:

A variety of fillers may be used for these areas.

Dr. Liao uses 3 different injectable fillers. A consultation is needed to see which injectable filler is best for you and to assess your needs and expectations. Additional treatments may be needed to achieve the look that you want. Please contact the office at 780-482-1548 to make a free cosmetic consultation.

Type Duration Properties
Restylane 4-6 months

Injectable gel made from hyaluronic acid.  Test dose is not required.

Injectable area(s) – enhances lips and smoothes wrinkles.
Sculptra ® May last up to 2 years or more Derived from fruit acids, and is a biocompatible and biodegradable injectable material known as poly-L-lactic acid that naturally stimulates the body to produce its own collagen. Test dose is not required.

Injectable area(s) – progressively restores lost collagen as it helps to improve skin depressions (i.e. cheeks and chin) after each treatment.
Radiesse ® Up to a year or more

Made of tiny calcium-based microspheres which are suspended in a natural, water-based gel. These calcium based microspheres are similar to minerals that are found naturally in your body so allergy testing is not required. Over time, your body absorbs these tiny microspheres and the gel and leaves behind only your own natural collagen.

Injectable area(s) – used for deep areas such as smile lines, marionette lines, pre-jowls and chin wrinkles.

The above materials are sold to the physicians in syringes of 0.4 - 1 cc and the cost to the patient depends on how many syringes are required to correct the wrinkles or grooves. If large amounts are required > 5 mls, maybe usage of fat transplants are more cost effective.

Regional blocks like those used by the dentist could be done for the lips, which is the most sensitive area of the face. The effects of the block lasts at least a few hours, so when both the upper and lower lips are numb, there will be drooling. Do expect this after the procedure, plan accordingly and do not make social appointments.

We sometimes use ice for quick numbing and it works well for less sensitive areas. Also ice packs are used for decreased swelling and decreased bruising. However if you had been given a nerve block, please make sure that your ice pack is only on for 10 minutes and off for 10 minutes, otherwise the numb areas, which do not feel the cold sensation, will be FROST BITTEN and later on slough off.

1. Pain - injections are always painful but we could numb the areas.
2. Swelling - trauma to the areas will cause swelling. This may last from hours to days.
3. Bruising - needles going through soft tissues will damage blood vessels,
some areas worse than others. Pressure, i.e., firm compression after the procedure may minimize it. Also avoidance of salicylates, NSAID’s, Vit E, Gingko Biloba for a week prior to the procedure may help, as these are blood thinners.
When fillers are put into areas, which are highly mobile, e.g. lips, they are displaced much faster, but in less mobile areas, e.g., nasolabial folds they last longer.

Questions are welcome.
Please do not hesitate to ask our staff.

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