Dr. Liao likes her patients to be informed consumers and encourages them to learn as much about these procedures as possible.

One of the most advanced lasers has now arrived in Western Canada.  The American Academy of Dermatology has stated that this laser is an exceptional machine that will tightened the skin so much so that it is much like getting a face lift without the surgical scars nor the down time. Its predecessor (Fractional and Pro-fractional) was used to remove brown spots, decrease wrinkles and remove scarring from acne or injuries.

The more advanced Pro-fractional XC is taking fractional resurfacing to the next level. The Pro-Fractional XC laser heats the skin up and stimulates a wound healing response through fibroblast activity. Fibroblasts stimulate new collagen production, which rejuvenates and plumps the skin from the inside out. As a result, noticeable improvements in acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone and texture, pigmentation, scars, and skin tightening are being made.

Pro-Fractional XC laser handpiece

The Pro-fractional XC laser can improve acne scarring or other scarring up to 60% to 80% of the patient’s imperfections. The Pro-fractional XC targets the scarred areas and removes the old collagen and deposits newer, softer collagen to help visibly reduce and minimize the irregular, bumpy appearance of the scars.


The name “Fractional” denotes that not all the tissue of the skin is being treated but only fractions at a time and this results in a much faster healing time as compared to the older C02 ablative laser. The healing process takes only a few days (i.e. a weekend perhaps) for the patient to recuperate and resulting in fresher, newer looking skin with reduced previous signs of aging. The healing process will create new collagen and elastic tissue formation that will carry on for months after the procedure has been done, which was demonstrated at the Academy meetings scientific presentations.

Dr J Y Liao has been exceptionally pleased with the performance of this laser and her patients are happy with the procedure and its results. It is very cost effective as the cost of the procedure is a fraction of the old C02 ablative laser. If you have acne scarring, tired looking and wrinkled looking skin that needs some refreshing, then take the first step to looking better and feeling great by calling our office to make a free cosmetic consultation to see if this procedure is right for you!

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